About Love Infused Living

Sharna Pearce is the passionate Founder of the Love Infused Living movement, and wise and grounded space holder for the immersive Soul Expansion Mentoring Journey.  She is also the creator of the foundational Transformation Workshop Series – Creating Sacred Space, Cultivating Inner Peace and Fostering Values for Life.

Sharna is a well-read, dance loving, peace loving, high-spirited Kinesiologist, Trauma-informed Coach and Soul Mentor.  Her deepest desire is to hold safe and gentle space for all in her presence to deepen their understanding and honouring of their own truth.  She specialises in stress and anxiety management, life transitions and mind/body wellness.

Sharna holds a Diploma of Health Science (Holistic Kinesiology), and is a certified Trauma-informed Coach.  She has Certificate in Teaching and Assessment as well as post-graduate qualifications in Management and International Relations.

Through the Love Infused Living movement, Sharna aspires to empower women (and in fact anyone) to lead with love.

Her offerings include products, teachings and tools for those aspiring to live a conscious, connected and joy-inspired life.