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Tuesday 31 May, 2022 – 5.30pm (Australian Central Standard Time)

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Free Masterclass 'Digesting Our Emotions'

For too many generations, we have been taught to push down and ignore our emotions, often for the purpose of survival.  While this is understandable in times of war and great conflict – when the basics for living are under threat – it is not so effective for most of us in modern times where life extends beyond survival into finding ways to prosper and thrive.

The pandemic of overwhelm, anxiety and depression we face – compounded by the COVID pandemic over recent years – has in part come about as a result of our lack of skills for ‘digesting’ or processing the feelings and emotions that arise for us on a daily basis.

We may be plagued by thoughts like ‘it could be worse, what is wrong with me?‘ or ‘I have everything I need, why do I feel so anxious?’  The truth is, that we have forgotten how to feel our feelings – we foolishly attempt to think our way out of feeling our feelings.  But we can’t solve a problem with the same tool that caused it.  So what is the answer then?  

Join me for a FREE Masterclass where we will dive into the topic of ‘Digesting our Emotions’. 

During the Masterclass we will explore:

  • the concept of digestion and how this applies to emotions
  • how we have forgotten this vital process
  • why digesting our emotions is so important
  • how to identify when we have ‘undigested’ emotions
  • gentle ways to ‘digest’ our emotions with presence, ease and grace

Are you intrigued?  Keen to learn more?