Kind Words

Some kind words from my clients and workshop participants…

I could move freely through the deepest parts of myself and feel safe to express them to Sharna, knowing that there was a complete respect and understanding of my process to discover and bring up to the light that which was standing in my way. Sharna’s work is so present, with an understanding of our transformative process. The work is gentle, supportive and the results happen gracefully. Amazing work.


‘Sharna has a wonderful way of sharing her immense knowledge…she creates community and trust within her workshop circles and it has been such a priceless experience.  To be able to share as well as have the time to practice new skills has been so valuable.  You need to see this beautiful Soul.  She will help you recapture your zest if you have misplaced it!  And celebrate the amazing human that you are.  I highly recommend Love Infused Living.  I cannot wait for my next Workshop’


‘My session with Sharna was a turning point.  I had been in a dark place and reached out to her for help.  As soon as we began I could feel her compassion and non-judgement.  I felt so comfortable to open up and allow myself to express what I needed to.  Sharna is a very intuitive person with a keen insight into what may lie beneath the conscious expression, with many tools to share with her years of experience with clients and her own inner journey.  Sharna is a brilliant guide to travel the path of uncertainty with, and most of all, her healing superpower is the Love that is infused all through her work’


‘Sharna came to me at a time of angst, not struggling with any problems that needed fixing but struggling to juggle the many blessings I find myself showered in.  One session and I feel a deeper presence in my Self, more connected to the now and better prepared to navigate through life, maintaining my inner calm and connection with the Earth.  Wow!  Simply profound and profoundly simple…I’ve come back home’


‘Sessions with Sharna are like a warm hug.  She is really talented at honing in and recognising where you need uplifting and giving suggestions to reaching your full potential.  I could easily have spent hours conversing with Sharna with her engaging and wise personality.  She is honest and vulnerable, creating a safe and non-judgemental environment to share ideas that co-create a positive energy exchange.  Thank you so much Sharna.  You are a blessing.’


‘Thank you so much Sharna.  Honestly…you are an intuitive angel.  I cannot thank you enough for your beautiful connection and offering….You have lifted my spirits and changed my way of thinking and looking at everything that is going on.  With your help, I am stronger and seeing the opportunity rather than the hurdles.  I cannot explain how you have had such a positive impact on me in such a short space of time but I thank you so very much.  You are a kind and beautiful soul’


Thank you for the beautiful impact you have had on my life. Your wisdom, intuition, guidance, grace and magic have completely and forever changed me – body, mind, soul & relationships both internal and external.  You uncover hidden gold whilst gracefully taking people on a journey of exploring their truth in amongst their stories.  You are unafraid to lean in further to the areas that require it.  From there, you have the most magical and beautiful ability to weave together words that represent exactly where to from there. What comes next is pure magic that takes place from that moment forwards. It is an absolute honour to work with you and to experience this.’


Sharna has helped me through an extremely tough time. I instantly felt comfortable with her due to the kindness and understanding she displayed when listening to my story.  I always walk out of her sessions feeling lighter and more positive about where I am heading.  She has helped me find myself again and shown me the light at the end of a very dark tunnel, and I am forever grateful for all she has done.’

–  Kylie

‘Sharna brings a wealth of experience and specialist skills, as well as her down to earth nature, inherent wisdom and genuine care for her clients to provide valuable insights and real healing. She has helped me through a number of life’s rough patches and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone aspiring to live a more authentic and healthy life.’