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Are you looking for compassionate and non-judgemental,
one-on-one support to navigate your life with more ease?

Book a session with me:

90 minute sessions            |  $180
(Standard session)
60 minute sessions            | $165
Email summary (optional)  |  $25

Would you like deeper support to hold you as you transform?

Inner Peace Mentoring Program

Stress, anxiety and overwhelm can be so debilitating at different stages in our lives – the pursuit of inner peace can feel like an impossible pipe dream.  By nature stress makes everything urgent and the smallest task feel so great.  The path back to inner peace can be nurtured and guided through gentle support to understand our nervous system, process the unique experiences that have led us here, and learn simple tools and practices to find our way home.

In the Inner Peace Mentoring Program you will be blessed with:

  • 6 Private Soul Mentoring sessions (in person or online)
  • Cultivating Inner Peace Online Course – 4 Modules
    *  Understanding Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm
    *  The Foundations of a Soothed Nervous System
    *  Building Safety in the Body
    *  Daily Practices for Cultivating Inner Peace
  • Love Infused Living Cultivating Inner Peace e-booklet
    …plus oodles of compassionate support and intuitive guidance

    3-4 month duration    |   $1997*
    *payment plans available


Deep Clarity Mentoring Package

During times of transition, crisis or upheaval – such as times like these – being held in a container of non-judgement and compassionate support over an extended period can provide the haven and wisdom we need to not only become clear on the next right steps on your journey but the self assurance and grounding to pursue these steps with confidence and ease. 

With the Deep Clarity Mentoring Package you will be blessed with:

  • 4 Private Soul Mentoring sessions (in person or online)
  • Love Infused Living Creating Sacred Space e-booklet
    …plus oodles of compassionate support and intuitive guidance

2-3 month duration    |   $822*
*payment plans available

‘Finding Your Why’ sessions

Based on the work of well known entrepreneur and optimist, Simon Sinek, this beautiful process provides a safe and softly structured way to explore what holds most meaning for us through the stories of our lives so far. Your ‘Why’ is your deepest focus and purpose. It is the golden nugget that brings meaning to every choice and action of your life – in business, in relationships, in lifestyle and in love.

Individual session (150 – 180 mins)
Optional Follow up (60 mins)

Transformation Workshop Series

The Love Infused Living Transformation Workshop Series is a sequence of potent and nurturing live workshops that weave together the essential tools for returning to ourselves to create fulfilling days and fulfilling lives designed for us, by us.  Held in a nourishing space in the Adelaide Hills, during each workshop you will sink into 3 beautiful hours of sacredness and connection, learning practical tools for living and held in a container of safety and love.   Join us for an individual workshop or immerse yourself in the whole workshop series:                                 

Are you interested in a FREE connection call?

Curious to find out more?  I’d love to share more with you about my work and programs. To book a Connection Call, please email me at, call me on 0421 990 801 or DM me via @loveinfusedlife on Facebook or Instagram.