Valuable Resources

Welcome – precious Soul – to this treasure box of valuable resources to hold and support you in your return to a sense of calm and inner peace. You are safe here…and safety is where the healing begins. You can build, replenish and renew your healing toolkit in this space – as many times as you need. You belong to the Love Infused Living movement. All of you is welcome here.

EFT/Tapping Practice for Stress, Overwhelm and Anxiety (9 mins)

Emotional Freedom Technique – commonly referred to as EFT or simply Tapping – is a subtle and potent practice that actively soothes our nervous system by tapping on meridian endpoints while consciously bringing our attention to the sensations we feel in our body and the triggering thoughts in our mind.

This short practice is a wonderful tool for acknowledging how we feel, diffusing the stress in our body and returning to the present moment – the only place our power ever exists.